FULL! (English!) Network yourself to a job with LinkedIn

Company: Agathon
Lecturer: Kim van Berkel

Study: All studies
Time: 10.45 - 11.45

Registration code: W05

University student and no LinkedIn profile? Without it, you don’t exist.

Goals of the workshop

  • Increasing your personal and professional visibility

  • Learning, in an interactive way, how to network by using LinkedIn

  • Create job opportunities, income or turnover as a (starting) professional

What is it about?

These days, people use LinkedIn more often for professional networking. In this workshop we will learn you how to build, maintain and expand a network using this digital medium. In addition, you will learn to look at yourself through the eyes of a receiver.

Translated into results

  • You are familiar with the operation and features of LinkedIn and you can create your own profile.

  • You can look at yourself from the other side of the table: through the eyes of a business, HR adviser or manager.

  • You are able to check if the image you propagate yourself with, is the truth

  • You can work independently with LinkedIn and use your professional network effectively

When registering for this workshop, Kim van Berkel will look at your LinkedIn profile beforehand. There is a good chance that you will receive personal feedback on your LinkedIn profile!


Watch out! We will send your name and e-mail to this company (Agathon) when you subscribe for this workshop. This is because they will send you an e-book!