Child and Educational Studies

FULL! (ENGLISH!) High functioning autism a disorder?

Company: ITvitae
Lecturer: Harry Lemmens

Study: Child and Educational Studies and Psychology

Time: 13.15 - 14.15

Registration code: L12

For a very long time we have regarded high functioning people with autism i.e. Aspergers and to a certain extent PDD-NOS, as misfits and people with a disorder but is this true? Studies with this group have been mainly confined to literature and clinical studies or to put it plainly, our society has been studying tigers in cages. What do you actually see then, tigers in cages. Do we have a clear picture of tigers then?

ITvitae does not regard autism (ASD) as a disorder, at least not with the afore mentioned group.  They are just part of a neuro diverse society and ITvitae sees this kind of autism as a personality trait. How does this work then?