Child and Educational Studies

(ENGLISH!) Taperingstrips: to help people stop using antidepressants and other drugs - the result of an unexpected journey

Company: Taperingstrips
Lecturer: Peter Groot

Study: Psychology and Child and Educational Studies
Time: 09.30 - 10.30

Registration code: L05

Dr. Peter Groot (63) ended a research career as a molecular geneticist after he became severely depressed in 2004. He started using antidepressants and discovered that the occurrence of withdrawal symptoms can make it very difficult to stop using them. Peter realized that withdrawal symptoms can be prevented if gradual tapering is made possible. This notion led to the start of an unexpected journey resulting in the development of taperingstrips which are currently being used to help people to stop using drugs like antidepressants, antipsychotics, sedatives and others. In his quest Peter used his own experience with antidepressants, the various skills he obtained as a molecular geneticist and new knowledge he obtained as a psychology student at the Open University.

Dr. Peter C. Groot is an experiential expert, molecular geneticist and researcher at the User Research Centre at department of Psychiatry and Psychology, Maastricht University Medical Centre.

Information about taperingstrips can be found at: or (both are websites from the User Centre of Maastricht University).